March 2011

Dear Gardening Friends,

I write this as Im celebrating my 65th birthday (not bragging, just fact) and as Jerry is three weeks away from retirement after 25 years with Tri-City Mechanical Contractors, Inc. A new chapter is beginning in our lives in many ways.

Jerry has always been an invaluable part of Gethsemane Gardens but worked behind the scenes (keeping equipment repaired, roads passable, irrigation system operational, chickens fed and eggs gathered). Now he will be more visible as he decides where his time and energy are best spent while leaving ample hours for fishing.

At the same time we are celebrating these milestones, we are also very aware of the changing world around us. We realized last year that whenever we need to purchase an item for personal or business use, we look online first. Increasingly, we not only look but actually place the order. Reluctant at first to put our credit card number out there, we have learned what to look for in a website to give us confidence that it is secure. We believe now is the time to expand Gethsemane Gardens and Nursery to accommodate online shopping. We have been shipping plants throughout the U. S. for years but this change will make it much simpler and easier for you to shop with us in the convenience of your home. We will start slow with a short list of choice plants and will continually add to the list as we move along.

Of course, you are still invited to visit the nursery during our Open Days and at other times by appointment.

We wish you adequate rain, sunshine and many 70 degree days during 2011.

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