Edgeworthia chrysantha (Rice Paper Plant)
Price: $24.99

Edgeworthia is related to Daphne but it is much easier to grow and much longer lived. Very fragrant but with a more citrus bent, the clusters of yellow flowers open in late February and early March and remain for up to four weeks. As the flowers are finishing, the blue/green foliage (think shape and size of Rhododendron leaves) unfurls and provides a very attractive presence in the summer shade garden. In October, the leaves turn a soft yellow before dropping and revealing the silver flower buds that have already formed for the following spring. These silver buds are reminiscent of pussy willow catkins and are very attractive floating at the end of bare stems in the winter garden. We ship a single stem, trade gallon plant which will grow into a multi-stem shrub unless you prune to a single stem.

Zone 7–9
Part Shade
H6ft. x W6ft.

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