A Pictorial Tour of Gethsemane Gardens

Gethsemane Gardens

Our nursery totals 30 acres of woods, streams, open fields and display gardens. We currently have approximately 60,000 square feet devoted to growing plants. Our perennials are grown in unheated houses or outdoors with protection in severe winter weather so they are ready to grow in your garden.


Woodland Walk

We now have Holland Lop Ear Rabbits in residence! Come see!

Click one of the rabbit closeups to visit them “at home.”

Just us chickens …

Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale

We like variety in everything so our flock includes araucanas, golden laced wyandottes, buff orpingtons, barred rocks, naked necks and other breeds from time to time. Our customers enjoy seeing the chickens, the composted manure is wonderful for our old garden roses. Not exactly a profit center but the chickens do come close to earning their keep.